Laufás, Cowshed Café and Christmas House

Price: 11.900 ISK
4 hours
May - September
Very Easy
  • Pickup at Akureyri port. Departure 30-40 min. after arrival of Cruise Ship.

We normally start all our tours for Cruise Ships 30-40 min. after arrival of the ship but earliest departure is at 08:00. We might have to start some tours earlier, depending on departure time of Cruise Ship.


  • Laufás, The Old Rectory
  • Kaffi Kú - The Cowshed Café
  • Jólagarðurinn - The Christmar House

From Akureyri we drive to Laufás – The Old Rectory. Laufás is considered to be the prototype of the Icelandic architecture (many gables side by side), but much larger than most other such complexes. Usually, between 20 and 30 people lived at Laufás because many farmhands were needed to reap the benefits of the farm, such as the haymaking, the fishing in the river and the collection of eiderdown along the coastline. The last priest to live in the old buildings moved to a new rectory, nearby in 1936. The old rectory has not been occupied since, the interior and equipment shown are things found in Icelandic homes around the turn of the 19th century. The following rectory (build in 1936) is now days used for the catering of the visitors, restrooms and souvenir shop.

Next stop is Kaffi Kú – The Cowshed Café in Eyjafjörður fjord. It´s located in the loft area above the cow barn at Garður farm. You can watch the cows through a glass viewing point from the restaurant. There is also a TV monitor where you can see what is going on, e.g. milking of the cows, which is a 24/7 operation and is done by a milking robot. Guests are allowed to go into the barn, pet the calves and breath in the aroma of the countryside. Exploring the countryside is always rewarding.

We also stop at Jólagarðurinn – The Christmas Garden in Eyjafjörður fjord, just outside of Akureyri. The fire glows and crackles in the fireplace. Christmas melodies and aroma in the air. In the Christmas garden you'll find the magical world of Christmas. On the outside the fire-engine red house resembles a cookie house but once inside you discover Christmas decorations from all over the world, alongside with traditional Icelandic Christmas items and variations of selected handicrafts from local craftsmen/women. In the beautiful garden surrounding the house are benches and tables provided, making this an excellent spot for a picnic. The fairytale tower houses the worlds biggest Christmas calendar worth climbing the stairs for. In the garden one can also find The Whishing well of unborn children, a place of tranquility and peace.

From The Christmas House we drive back to Akureyri and take a little sightseeing in the town before we go back to your Cruise Ship.


What’s included

Admission to Laufás - The Old Rectory is included as well as refreshments at Kaffi Kú - The Cowshed Café.


Guided Language

  • English


Friendly cancellation & refund policy

Full refund if cancelled due to weather. Cancellation fee can be witheld if cancelled with short notice.

  • 4 days notice: 100% charge
  • 14 days notice: 75% charge
  • 28 days notice: 50% charge
  • 35 days notice: 0% charge